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Temperature-Dependent Raman Studies and Thermal Conductivity of Few-Layer MoS2

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posted on 2016-02-19, 10:26 authored by Satyaprakash Sahoo, Anand P. S. Gaur, Majid Ahmadi, Maxime J.-F. Guinel, Ram S. Katiyar
We report on the temperature dependence of in-plane E2g and out-of-plane A1g Raman modes in high-quality few-layer MoS2 (FLMS) prepared using a high-temperature vapor-phase method. The materials obtained were investigated using transmission electron microscopy. The frequencies of these two phonon modes were found to vary linearly with temperature. The first-order temperature coefficients for E12g and A1g modes were found to be (1.32 and 1.23) × 10–2 cm–1/K, respectively. The thermal conductivity of the suspended FLMS at room temperature was estimated to be ∼52 W/mK.