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Temperature-Dependent Hall and Field-Effect Mobility in Strongly Coupled All-Inorganic Nanocrystal Arrays

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posted on 12.02.2014, 00:00 by Jaeyoung Jang, Wenyong Liu, Jae Sung Son, Dmitri V. Talapin
We report on the temperature-dependent Hall effect characteristics of nanocrystal (NC) arrays prepared from colloidal InAs NCs capped with metal chalcogenide complex (MCC) ligands (In2Se42– and Cu7S4). Our study demonstrates that Hall effect measurements are a powerful way of exploring the fundamental properties of NC solids. We found that solution-cast 5.3 nm InAs NC films capped with copper sulfide MCC ligands exhibited high Hall mobility values over 16 cm2/(V s). We also showed that the nature of MCC ligands can control doping in NC solids. The comparative study of the temperature-dependent Hall and field-effect mobility values provides valuable insights concerning the charge transport mechanism and points to the transition from a weak to a strong coupling regime in all-inorganic InAs NC solids.