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Temperature Dependence of Peptide Conformational Equilibria from Simulations at a Single Temperature

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posted on 15.03.2021, 16:36 by Ankita Katiyar, Ward H. Thompson
Understanding the structure of proteins is key to unraveling their function in biological processes. Thus, significant attention has been paid to the calculation of conformational free energies. In this paper, we demonstrate a simple extension of fluctuation theory that permits the calculation of the temperature derivative of the conformational free energy, and hence the internal energy and entropy, from single-temperature simulations. The method further enables the decomposition into the contribution of different interactions present in the system to the internal energy surface. We illustrate the method for the canonical test system of alanine dipeptide in aqueous solution, for which we examine the free energy as a function of two dihedral angles. This system, like many, is most effectively treated using accelerated sampling methods and we show how the present approach is compatible with an important class of these, those that introduce a bias potential, by implementing it within metadynamics.