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Technetium Complexes with Triazacyclononane

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posted on 2006-08-21, 00:00 authored by Henrik Braband, Ulrich Abram
[NBu4][TcOCl4] reacts with ethylene glycol and 1,4,7-triazacyclononane (tacn) in MeOH under the formation of the deep-blue oxotechnetium(V) cation [TcO(OC2H4O)(tacn)]+, which can readily be oxidized by air to give the stable technetium(VII) compound [TcO3(tacn)]+. The reaction with aqueous HCl results in reduction and the formation of the cationic technetium(III) complex [TcCl2(OH2)(tacn)]Cl. The products were isolated in crystalline form and studied spectroscopically and by X-ray diffraction.