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Tailoring the Temperature Coefficient of Resistance of Silver Nanowire Nanocomposites and their Application as Stretchable Temperature Sensors

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posted on 15.04.2019, 00:00 by Zheng Cui, Felipe Robles Poblete, Yong Zhu
Body temperature is an important indicator of the health condition. It is of critical importance to develop a smart temperature sensor for wearable applications. Silver nanowire (AgNW) is a promising conductive material for developing flexible and stretchable electrodes. Here, a stretchable and breathable thermoresistive temperature sensor based on AgNW composites is developed, where a AgNW percolation network is encased in a thin polyimide film. The temperature coefficient of resistance of the AgNW network is tailored by modifying nanowire density and thermal annealing temperature. The temperature sensor is patterned with a Kirigami structure, which enables constant resistance under a large tensile strain (up to 100%). Demonstrated applications in monitoring the temperatures at biceps and knees using the stretchable temperature sensor illustrate the promising potential for wearable applications.