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Tailoring Polyethers for Post-polymerization Functionalization by Cross Metathesis

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posted on 2018-03-30, 13:22 authored by Stephen D. Morrison, Rob M. J. Liskamp, Joëlle Prunet
Olefin cross metathesis is reported for the first time to attach small molecules to a range of novel polyethers with a poly­(ethylene glycol) backbone and pendent alkene groups, allowing for a loading of up to one compound per monomer unit. These polymers are tailored to prevent the occurrence of self metathesis (reaction of the polymer with itself) by varying the substitution on the pendent alkenes, thus steering their reactivity toward olefin cross metathesis. Efficient functionalization has been observed for a range of coupling partners as a proof of concept for the use of olefin metathesis to graft small and larger molecules to polyethers for drug delivery. This approach also paves the way for the use of olefin cross metathesis as an efficient method to functionalize a wide variety of polymers with pendent olefin groups.