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TRAPP: A Tool for Analysis of Transient Binding Pockets in Proteins

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posted on 24.05.2013, 00:00 by Daria B. Kokh, Stefan Richter, Stefan Henrich, Paul Czodrowski, Friedrich Rippmann, Rebecca C. Wade
We present TRAPP (TRAnsient Pockets in Proteins), a new automated software platform for tracking, analysis, and visualization of binding pocket variations along a protein motion trajectory or within an ensemble of protein structures that may encompass conformational changes ranging from local side chain fluctuations to global backbone motions. TRAPP performs accurate grid-based calculations of the shape and physicochemical characteristics of a binding pocket for each structure and detects the conserved and transient regions of the pocket in an ensemble of protein conformations. It also provides tools for tracing the opening of a particular subpocket and residues that contribute to the binding site. TRAPP thus enables an assessment of the druggability of a disease-related target protein taking its flexibility into account.