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TMTpro: Design, Synthesis, and Initial Evaluation of a Proline-Based Isobaric 16-Plex Tandem Mass Tag Reagent Set

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posted on 03.12.2019, 18:34 authored by Andrew Thompson, Nikolai Wölmer, Sasa Koncarevic, Stefan Selzer, Gitte Böhm, Harald Legner, Peter Schmid, Stefan Kienle, Petra Penning, Claudia Höhle, Antje Berfelde, Roxana Martinez-Pinna, Vadim Farztdinov, Stephan Jung, Karsten Kuhn, Ian Pike
The design and synthesis of a proline-based reporter isobaric Tandem Mass Tag structure (TMTpro) is presented. An analysis is made of the performance of the new TMTpro tags in comparison with the current commercially available dimethylpiperidine-reporter-based TMT10/11 reagents. The new reporter structure provides a set of 16 tags for use with resolution of 6.3 mDa mass differences in high resolution mass spectrometers and a set of 9 reagents with 1 Da spacing between reporter ions for single dalton analysis using 9 heavy nuclei per tag. We show similar performance in terms of peptide identification rates and quantification between the TMTpro 16-plex and TMT10/11-plex reagents. We also demonstrate the suitability of the TMTpro reagents for phosphopeptide analysis. The ability to pool 16 samples reduces the overall amount of sample required for each channel, and we anticipate that TMTpro reagents will be a useful enhancement for any protocol that benefits from sample pooling and should reduce missing data.