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TASBE Flow Analytics: A Package for Calibrated Flow Cytometry Analysis

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posted on 2019-05-03, 00:00 authored by Jacob Beal, Cassandra Overney, Aaron Adler, Fusun Yaman, Lisa Tiberio, Meher Samineni
Flow cytometry is a powerful method for high-throughput precision measurement of cell fluorescence and size. Effective use of this tool for quantification of synthetic biology devices and circuits, however, generally requires careful application of complex multistage workflows for calibration, filtering, and analysis with appropriate statistics. The TASBE Flow Analytics package provides a free, open, and accessible implementation of such workflows in a form designed for high-throughput analysis of large synthetic biology data sets. Given a set of experimental samples and controls, this package can process them to output calibrated data, quantitative analyses and comparisons, automatically generated figures, and detailed debugging and diagnostic reports in both human-readable and machine-readable forms. TASBE Flow Analytics can be used through a simple user-friendly interactive Excel interface, as a library supporting Matlab, Octave, or Python interactive sessions, or as a component integrated into automated workflows.