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Systematic Identification of the Subproteome of Escherichia coli Cell Envelope Reveals the Interaction Network of Membrane Proteins and Membrane-Associated Peripheral Proteins

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posted on 01.12.2006, 00:00 by Chuan-zhong Huang, Xiang-min Lin, Li-na Wu, Dan-feng Zhang, Dong Liu, San-ying Wang, Xuan-xian Peng
Membrane proteins of Gram-negative bacteria are key molecules that interface the cells with the environment. Despite recent proteomic identification of numerous oligomer proteins in the Escherichia coli cell envelope, the protein complex of E. coli membrane proteins and their peripherally associated proteins remain ill-defined. In the current study, we systematically analyze the subproteome of E. coli cell envelope enriched in sarcosine-insoluble fraction (SIF) and sarcosine-soluble fraction (SSF) by using proteomic methodologies. One hundred and four proteins out of 184 spots on 2D electrophoresis gels are identified, which includes 31 outer membrane proteins (OMPs). Importantly, our further proteomic studies reveal a number of previously unrecognized membrane-interacting protein complexes, such as the complex consisting of OmpW and fumarate reductase. This established complete proteomic profile of E. coli envelope also sheds new insight into the function(s) of E. coli outer envelope. Keywords: membrane proteins • membrane-associated protein complex • Escherichia coli • OmpW • fumarate reductase