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Synthetic Studies toward DNA-Encoded Heterocycles Based on the On-DNA Formation of α,β-Unsaturated Ketones

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posted on 14.01.2021, 18:04 by Sixiu Liu, Jingjing Qi, Weiwei Lu, Xuan Wang, Xiaojie Lu
Taking advantage of the diversity-oriented synthesis strategy with α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds, we have successfully established the DNA-compatible transformations for various heterocyclic scaffolds. The ring-closure reactions for pyrrole, pyrrolidine, pyrazole, pyrazoline, isoxazoline, pyridine, piperidine, cyclohexenone, and 5,8-dihydroimidazo­[1,2-a]­pyrimidine were elegantly demonstrated in a DNA-compatible format. These efforts paved the way for preparing DNA-encoded libraries with more extensive chemical space.