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Synthesizing Highly Regular Single-Layer Alkynyl–Silver Networks at the Micrometer Scale via Gas-Mediated Surface Reaction

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posted on 2019-03-19, 00:00 authored by Yi-Qi Zhang, Tobias Paintner, Raphael Hellwig, Felix Haag, Francesco Allegretti, Peter Feulner, Svetlana Klyatskaya, Mario Ruben, Ari P. Seitsonen, Johannes V. Barth, Florian Klappenberger
Extended organometallic honeycomb alkynyl–silver networks have been synthesized on a noble metal surface under ultrahigh vacuum conditions via a gas-mediated surface reaction protocol. Specifically, the controlled exposure to molecular oxygen efficiently deprotonates terminal alkyne moieties of 1,3,5-tris­(4-ethynylphenyl)­benzene (Ext-TEB) precursors adsorbed on Ag(111). At Tsub = 200 K, this O2-mediated reaction pathway features high chemoselectivity without poisoning the surface. Through mild annealing to 375 K, long-range ordered alkynyl–silver networks incorporating substrate atoms evolve, featuring Ag-bis-acetylide motifs, high structural quality and a regular arrangement of nanopores with a van der Waals cavity of ≈8.3 nm2.