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Synthesis of the Metal-Containing Dinitrile Ligand trans-[Ru(CNtBu)2{(PPh2)2CCN}2] as a Precursor of Polymetallic Species

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posted on 24.07.2001, 00:00 by Marta E. G. Mosquera, Javier Ruiz, Víctor Riera, Santiago García-Granda, M. R. Díaz, Claudette Bois
The complex trans-[Ru(CNtBu)2{(PPh2)2CCN}2] (2) has been prepared by reaction of trans-[Ru(CNtBu)2{(PPh2)2CH}2] with (CN)2. 2 behaves as a dinitrile metalloligand, allowing the synthesis of the new polymetallic species trans-[Ru(CNtBu)2{(PPh2)2CCN−Au(PPh3)}2]2+ (3), trans-[Ru(CNtBu)2 {(PPh2)2CCN−RuCl2(C6H6)}2] (4),and trans-[Ru(CNtBu)2{(Ph2P)2CCN−Cu−NCC(Ph2P)2}]n+ (5), when treated with the appropriate metallic fragment.