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Synthesis of a Dinuclear Complex with a Zr2(μ-NH)2 Core in a Two-Phase System

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posted on 13.06.2001, 00:00 by Guangcai Bai, Herbert W. Roesky, Hans-Georg Schmidt, Mathias Noltemeyer
Treatment of an equivalent amount of ZrCl4 with [(PNtBu)2(tBuNLi·THF)2] in toluene affords the bis(tert-butylamido)cyclodiphosph(III)azane zirconium complex LZrCl2 (1; L = (PNtBu)2(tBuN)2). Ammonolysis of compound 1 has been carried out in the two-phase system liquid ammonia/toluene at −78 °C in the presence of 2 equiv of KH to yield the imido (NH) bridged dinuclear zirconium derivative [(η3-L)Zr(μ-NH)]2 (2). The molecular structure of [(η3-L)Zr(μ-NH)]2 (2) has been determined by X-ray diffraction.