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Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Alloy Ga0.84In0.16Se Nanosheets for High-Performance Photodetector

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posted on 03.12.2018, 00:00 by Miaomiao Yu, Hang Li, He Liu, Fanglu Qin, Feng Gao, Yunxia Hu, Mingjin Dai, Lifeng Wang, Wei Feng, PingAn Hu
The electronic and optoelectronic properties of 2D alloy Ga0.84In0.16Se were investigated for the first time. 2D Ga0.84In0.16Se FETs show p-type conduction behaviors. 2D Ga0.84In0.16Se photodetectors show high photoresponse in the visible light range of 500 to 700 nm. The responsivity value is 258 A/W for alloy photodetector (500 nm illumination), and it is 92 times and 20 times higher than those of 2D GaSe and InSe photodetectors, respectively. Moreover, the alloy photodetector exhibits good photoresponse stability and rapid photoresponse time. Our results demonstrate that 2D alloy Ga0.84In0.16Se has great potential for application in photodetection and sensor devices.