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Synthesis of Surface Organopalladium Intermediates in Coupling Reactions:  The Mechanistic Insight

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posted on 2004-03-03, 00:00 authored by Boyapati M. Choudary, Sateesh Madhi, Mannepalli L. Kantam, Bojja Sreedhar, Yasuhiro Iwasawa
The design and synthesis of surface transient organometallic intermediates on nanopalladium supported on layered double hydroxides is conceived and developed for the first time. The formation of only one STO intermediate in all the Heck-, Suzuki-, Sonogashira-, and Stille-type coupling reactions during their reaction sequences and the excellent isolated yields of each of the coupling products from the corresponding organometallic complexes not only validate the mechanism but also demonstrate the evolution of the single-site heterogeneous catalyst.