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Synthesis of Substituted Thiophenes by Palladium-Catalyzed Heterocyclodehydration of 1‑Mercapto-3-yn-2-ols in Conventional and Nonconventional Solvents

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posted on 02.11.2012, 00:00 by Bartolo Gabriele, Raffaella Mancuso, Lucia Veltri, Vito Maltese, Giuseppe Salerno
A variety of readily available 1-mercapto-3-yn-2-ols 5 were conveniently converted into the corresponding thiophenes 6 in good to high yields in MeOH as the solvent at 50–100 °C in the presence of catalytic amounts (1–2%) of PdI2 in conjunction with KI (KI:PdI2 molar ratio = 10). The catalyst could be made recyclable employing an ionic liquid, such as BmimBF4, as the solvent under suitable conditions.