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Synthesis of Pyrroles via Consecutive 6π-Electrocyclization/Ring-Contraction of Sulfilimines

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posted on 09.06.2021, 20:29 by Franz-Lucas Haut, Niklas J. Feichtinger, Immanuel Plangger, Lukas A. Wein, Mira Müller, Tim-Niclas Streit, Klaus Wurst, Maren Podewitz, Thomas Magauer
We present a modular, synthetic entry to polysubstituted pyrroles employing readily available 2,5-dihydrothiophenes. Ring-opening of the heterocycle provides access to a panel of 1,3-dienes which undergo pyrrole formation in the presence of inexpensive chloramine-T trihydrate. The transformation is conducted in an open flask and proceeds at ambient temperatures (23 °C) in nondry solvents. A careful adjustment of the electronics and sterics of the 1,3-diene precursor allows for the isolation of key intermediates. DFT studies identified a reaction mechanism that features a 6π-electrocyclization of a sulfilimine intermediate followed by spontaneous ring-contraction to reveal the pyrrole skeleton.