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Synthesis of Polycarbonyl Pyrroles via K2S2O8‑Mediated Oxidative Cyclization of Enamines

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posted on 15.11.2016, 20:04 by Peng Gao, Juan Wang, Zi-Jing Bai, Li Shen, Yun-Yun Yan, De-Suo Yang, Ming-Jin Fan, Zheng-Hui Guan
A novel K2S2O8-promoted oxidative cyclization of enamines is described. A variety of enamines having diverse functional groups and substitution patterns react well using K2S2O8 as the oxidant in the absence of catalyst. This protocol provides a very simple route for the synthesis of polycarbonyl pyrroles and has the advantages of readily available starting materials, mild reaction conditions, and a wide scope of substrates.