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Synthesis of Novel Vitamin K2 Analogues with Modification at the ω-Terminal Position and Their Biological Evaluation as Potent Steroid and Xenobiotic Receptor (SXR) Agonists

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posted on 23.06.2011, 00:00 by Yoshitomo Suhara, Masato Watanabe, Kimie Nakagawa, Akimori Wada, Yoichi Ito, Kazuyoshi Takeda, Kazuhiko Takahashi, Toshio Okano
Vitamin K2 is a ligand for a nuclear receptor, steroid and xenobiotic receptor (SXR), that induces the gene expressions of CYP3A4. We synthesized vitamin K2 analogues with hydroxyl or phenyl groups at the ω-terminal of the side chain. The up-regulation of SXR-mediated transcription of the target gene by the analogues was dependent on the length of the side chain and the hydrophobicity of the ω-terminal residues. Phenyl analogue menaquinone-3 was as active as the known SXR ligand rifampicin.