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Synthesis of Nitrosobenzene Derivatives via Nitrosodesilylation Reaction

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posted on 27.02.2018, 00:00 by Corinna Kohlmeyer, Maike Klüppel, Gerhard Hilt
The electrophilic ipso-substitution of trimethylsilyl-substituted benzene derivatives into nitrosobenzene derivatives is reported. The optimization of the reaction conditions was performed for moderately electron-deficient, electron-rich, and sterically hindered starting materials by varying reaction time, temperature, and equivalents of NOBF4. Also, a stable intermediate of the nitrosation reaction could be characterized by 19F NMR which can be assigned to a NO+ adduct with the nitrosobenzene derivative. This complex decomposes upon aqueous workup and liberates the desired nitrosobenzene derivative.