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Synthesis of Nanosized Metal Sulfides Using Elemental Sulfur in Formamide: Implications for Energy Conversion and Optical Scenarios

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posted on 23.02.2021, 15:11 by Kai Sun, Shuchang Song, Anuj Kumar, Zhicheng Shang, Xinxuan Duan, Shiyuan Wang, Shubo Tian, Jialun Tang, Daojin Zhou, Xiaoming Sun
The tunable band structure and unique electrochemical properties of metal sulfide nanocrystals make them important components for the display devices and energy conversion. Nevertheless, the existing synthesis approaches meet issues in terms of time/energy consumption as well as the use/production of toxic materials, so it is highly desired to explore a more facile and controllable green approach for metal sulfide synthesis. Herein, we demonstrated a formamide-assisted approach for the synthesis of six monometallic sulfides (CdS, CuS, NiS2, ZnS, Ag2S, and PbS) and one iron-doped NiS2 (NixFe1–xS2) in nanoscale, offering an ecofriendly, fast, and general strategy in the concepts of green chemistry.