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Synthesis of N–H Aziridines from Unactivated Olefins Using Hydroxylamine‑O‑Sulfonic Acids as Aminating Agent

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posted on 2024-04-23, 20:29 authored by Yi Huang, Shi-Yang Zhu, Gang He, Gong Chen, Hao Wang
Herein, we presented a practical methodology for the intermolecular aziridination of alkenes, using HOSA as the aminating agent, alongside pyridine or piperidine as the base, within HFIP solvent system. Notably, this approach showcases excellent reactivity, especially with nonactivated alkenes, and facilitates the transformation of various alkenes substrates, including mono-, di-, tri, and tetra-substituted alkenes, into aziridines with moderate to excellent yield. This method presents a promising avenue for synthesizing aziridines from a wide range of alkenes, featuring the benefits of straightforward operation, mild reaction conditions, extensive substrate compatibility, and scalability.