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Synthesis of MnP Nanocrystals by Treatment of Metal Carbonyl Complexes with Phosphines:  A New, Versatile Route to Nanoscale Transition Metal Phosphides

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posted on 19.11.2003, 00:00 by Susanthri C. Perera, Georgy Tsoi, Lowell E. Wenger, Stephanie L. Brock
The reaction of Mn2(CO)10 with P(SiMe3)3 in coordinating solvents at T ≥ 220 °C yields low polydispersity, highly crystalline MnP nanoparticles for the first time. The effect of dimensional limiting has resulted in the stabilization of a ferromagnetic ground state at low temperatures, rather than the metamagnetic state observed in bulk (microcrystalline) MnP. The synthetic methodology reported here is demonstrated to be general for a number of different metals and phosphine sources.