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Synthesis of Mixed-Valence Platinum Triangulo Clusters [Pt3(μ-PPh2)2(μ-C6F5)(C6F5)(PPh2R)2] (R = Ph, Me, Et). Crystal Structures of [Pt3(μ-PPh2)2(μ-C6F5)(C6F5)(PPh3)2] and [Pt3(μ-AgOClO3)(μ-PPh2)2(μ-C6F5)(C6F5)(PPh3)2]

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posted on 2002-04-30, 00:00 authored by Larry R. Falvello, Juan Forniés, Consuelo Fortuño, Fernando Durán, Antonio Martín
The reaction between [(C6F5)2Pt(μ-PPh2)2Pt(PPh2R)2] and [Pt(C7H10)3] in toluene yields the triangulo complexes [Pt3(μ-PPh2)2(μ-C6F5)(C6F5)(PPh2R)2] (R = Ph 4, Me 5, Et 6), which contain two phosphido and one pentafluophenyl bridging ligands and two phosphines and one pentafluophenyl terminal ones. The triangulo metal core displays three Pt−Pt bonds, as expected for a 42 valence electron count cluster. The basicity of these metal cores is demonstrated through the reaction of one of the complexes (R = Ph) with AgClO4 or [Ag(OClO3)(PPh3)], which gives the corresponding adduct [Pt3(AgOClO3)(μ-PPh2)2(μ-C6F5)(C6F5)(PPh3)2] (7) or [Pt3Ag(μ-PPh2)2(μ-C6F5)(C6F5)(PPh3)3][ClO4] (8). The X-ray structures of 4 and 7 have been determined.