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Synthesis of Linear Alkylbenzenes over Beta Zeolites with Enhanced Transport and Surface Activity

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posted on 16.08.2021, 16:34 by Weijian Lu, Jianwen Zhang, Shiqi Zhang, Chen Ji, Ying Wu, Huiyong Chen, Yanxiong Fang, Jinxiang Dong, Baoyu Liu
The development of zeolite catalysts for linear alkylbenzene production is of crucial importance in achieving green chemical processes for the detergent industry. In the present research, the fabricated beta zeolite catalysts exhibited extraordinary activity (73%) and selectivity of 2-LAB (85%) in the alkylation of benzene with 1-dodecene, which benefited from the open micropore-to-mesopore networks, exposed acid sites, and shape-selectivity of special topology of beta zeolites. The computer calculations revealed that both benzene and 1-dodecene can enter into the 12-MR channels of beta zeolites, in which 1-dodecene was adsorbed on the surface of 12-MR channels in the form of chemical adsorption, and the fixed 1-dodecene was attached to benzene combined with the matched pore size of 12-MR channels of beta zeolites to effectively produce the desired 2-LAB. Moreover, the mesopore beta zeolites also presented superior stability compared with traditional micropore beta zeolite in the alkylation between benzene and 1-dodecene due to enhanced diffusion. Our work definitely paved a way to develop mesopore beta zeolites as a new type of highly efficient heterogeneous catalysts for industrial production of 2-LAB.