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Synthesis of Imidazole-Based [30]Heptaphyrin and Stable Figure-Eight [60]Tetradecaphyrins via [5 + 2] Condensations in One Pot

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posted on 2021-04-22, 12:36 authored by Chengming Li, Zhenmei Huang, Yanmei Hu, Wenbo Liang, Rongchuan Su, Mao Chen, Linsen Zhou, Di Wu, Ge Gao, Jingsong You
Derived from a Pd-catalyzed oxidative C–H/C–H coupling reaction, two giant imidazole-based [60]­tetradecaphyrins adopting stable figure-eight geometry together with one [30]­heptaphyrin are obtained by [5 + 2] MacDonald condensations in one pot. The directional imidazole is believed to play a vital role for the diverse cyclization and conformation stabilization.