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Synthesis of DEFG Ring of Complestatin and Chloropeptin I:  Highly Atropdiastereoselective Macrocyclization by Intramolecular Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction

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posted on 07.06.2007, 00:00 authored by Yanxing Jia, Michèle Bois-Choussy, Jieping Zhu
Palladium-catalyzed intramolecular Suzuki-Miyaura reaction of linear tripeptide (23) afforded the 16-membered DEFG ring of complestatin (3) in good yield with an excellent atropdiastereoselectivity. Acidic treatment of 3 triggers a stereospecific rearrangement leading to the corresponding DEFG ring 4 of chloropeptin I.