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Synthesis of Cyclic Dendronized Polymers via Divergent “Graft-from” and Convergent Click “Graft-to” Routes: Preparation of Modular Toroidal Macromolecules

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posted on 31.08.2011, 00:00 authored by Boyd A. Laurent, Scott M. Grayson
Cyclic dendronized polymers represent a new class of polymers which exhibit a donut-like “toroidal” shape. Two previous unreported methods for preparing this architecture, the divergent “graft-from” and the convergent click “graft-to” approaches, are explored and the resulting products fully characterized. This route is particularly attractive because it enables production of exact linear and cyclic dendronized analogues, enabling direct comparison of their physical properties. In this preliminary work, the divergent “graft from” approach appears to lead to materials with broad PDI at high DP, whereas the “graft to” approach yields more well-defined dendronized cyclic polymers at larger DP. On the basis of reports to date, a combination of click cyclization followed by click “grafting to” provides the most versatile route for the synthesis of cyclic dendronized polymers.