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Synthesis of Core–Shell Graphitic Carbon@Silica Nanospheres with Dual-Ordered Mesopores for Cancer-Targeted Photothermochemotherapy

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posted on 26.08.2014, 00:00 by Yi Wang, Kaiyuan Wang, Ren Zhang, Xingang Liu, Xueying Yan, Jianxin Wang, Ernst Wagner, Rongqin Huang
Tumor site-directed multifunctional therapeutic platforms such as photothermochemotherapy that respond to tumor-focused physical and biological stimuli are highly demanded for effective cancer therapy. Herein, targeting peptide-conjugated core–shell graphitic carbon@silica nanospheres with dual-ordered mesopores (MMPS) were successfully fabricated and developed as antitumoral doxorubicin (DOX) delivery system (MMPSD) for synergistic targeted photothermal chemotherapy of breast cancer. The hydrophilic mesoporous silica shell guarantees good water dispersity of MMPSD. The hydrophobic graphitic mesoporous carbon core provides excellent hydrophobic drug loading, immediate contact between the drug and photothermal hotspots, and high NIR photothermal conversion efficiency. SP13 peptide facilitates MMPSD for targeted and enhanced delivery of DOX within HER2-positive SK-BR-3 breast cancer cells, while PEGylation ensures biocompatibility. Thus, the MMPSD system exhibited efficient drug loading capacity, high targeting ability, sensitive NIR/pH-responsive DOX release, sustained release, and excellent combined antitumor activity.