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Synthesis of C3‑Symmetric Triazine-Based Derivatives: Study of their AIEE, Mechanochromic Behaviors, and Detection of Picric Acid and Uric Acid in Aqueous Medium

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posted on 2021-05-19, 13:33 authored by Harikrishnan Muniyasamy, Chithiraikumar Chinnadurai, Malini Nelson, Ashokkumar Veeramanoharan, Murugesan Sepperumal, Siva Ayyanar
A smart accessible D-A with a tripod shape of triazine derivatives such as TZOME, TZSET, and TZNET was synthesized through simple Suzuki–Miyaura coupling and cyano cyclization reaction. Remarkably, TZNET has excellent optical properties compared to TZOME and TZSET. In particular, TZNET exhibits enhanced emission, induced through aggregation and mechanochromic luminescence. More interestingly, AIEE-fluorescent TZNET has a turnoff fluorescence sensor for picric acid with an LOD of 203 nM and a turn-on sensor for uric acid with an LOD of 209 nM. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first dual-coupled sensor for picric acid and uric acid in an aqueous medium.