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Synthesis of Brominated Thiazoles via Sequential Bromination–Debromination Methods

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posted on 15.05.2017, 22:48 by Eric J. Uzelac, Seth C. Rasmussen
The synthesis of the full family of bromothiazoles has been revisited in order to update and optimize their production. The species reported include 2-bromothiazole, 4-bromothiazole, 5-bromothiazole, 2,4-dibromothiazole, 2,5-dibromothiazole, 4,5-dibromothiazole, and 2,4,5-tribromothiazole, the majority of which are produced via sequential bromination and debromination steps. This complete family can now be produced without the use of elemental bromine, and the presented methods have allowed the physical and NMR spectroscopic characterization of the full family to be reported for the first time.