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Synthesis of Branched Monodisperse Oligoethylene Glycols and 19F MRI-Traceable Biomaterials through Reductive Dimerization of Azides

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posted on 07.05.2020, 14:08 by Jing Zhang, Yuan Yuan, Yu Li, Hao Yang, Huaibin Zhang, Shizhen Chen, Xin Zhou, Zhigang Yang, Zhong-Xing Jiang
Multifunctionalized and branched M-OEGs represent valuable PEGylation agents, linkers, and scaffolds in biomedicine. However, the tedious synthesis limited their availability and application. We herein present an azide reductive dimerization method for the convenient synthesis of aza-M-OEGs and derivatives, which provides easy access to a variety of multifunctionalized and branched M-OEGs in one step. With this method, hexa-arm M-OEGs with 54 symmetrical fluorines were synthesized in two steps as a water-soluble, self-assemble, 19F MRI sensitive, and biocompatible dendritic biomaterial.