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Synthesis of Aryloxo Cyclopentadienyl Group 4 Metal-Containing Dendrimers

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posted on 24.11.2003, 00:00 by Silvia Arévalo, Ernesto de Jesús, F. Javier de la Mata, Juan C. Flores, Rafael Gómez, M Gómez-Sal, Paula Ortega, Susana Vigo
A quantitative procedure for the hydrosilylation of allylic −SiMe3 protected phenols with Et3SiH and Si−H terminated carbosilane dendrimers of first, second, and fourth generations have been performed to give nG-[(CH2)3{C6H4-r(OMe)r}OH]m. The subsequent treatment with [Ti(C5Me5)Cl2Me], [Ti(C5Me5)Me3], or [M(C5H5)2ClX] (M = Ti, X = Cl; M = Zr, X = H) afforded the corresponding organometallic metallodendrimers.