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Synthesis and Structural Studies of 5,12-Dioxocyclams Capped by 4-Substituted Pyridines Across the Amine Nitrogens

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posted on 22.08.2003, 00:00 by Michal Achmatowicz, Louis S. Hegedus, Scott David
A series of 4-substituted pyridine-capped 5,12-dioxocyclams was synthesized and fully characterized. The 4-substituent varied from electron-withdrawing groups (NO2, NO, CN) to electron-donating groups (NHCbz, NH2). The most versatile substituent was the 4-bromo group, which could be replaced by a variety of groups using Stille, Sonogashira, or Buchwald−Hartig palladium-catalyzed chemistry. Copper complexes of a majority of these capped dioxocyclams were synthesized and characterized as well.