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Synthesis and Properties of Energetic Hydrazinium 5‑Nitro-3-dinitromethyl‑2H‑pyrazole by Unexpected Isomerization of N‑Nitropyrazole

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posted on 2019-11-07, 13:03 authored by Yiying Zhang, Yanan Li, Tao Yu, Yingzhe Liu, Sanping Chen, Zhongxue Ge, Chenghui Sun, Siping Pang
A new energetic salt, hydrazinium 5-nitro-3-dinitromethyl-2H-pyrazole, was synthesized using 1-nitro-3-trinitromethylpyrazole and hydrazine as raw materials and fully characterized by IR and NMR spectroscopy, elemental analysis, and X-ray crystallography. The isomerization of N-nitropyrazole in the reaction condition was first reported and the possible mechanism was explained by the density functional theory method. The salt has good density, high positive enthalpy of formation superior to those of the RDX and HMX, and good detonation properties comparable to those of RDX. By denitration and isomerization reactions, the salt gains a better thermal stability and lower sensitivity toward impact and friction compared with its parent compound. Based on an overall energetic evaluation, the salt has a promising future as an alternative explosive. The research also contributes to the synthesis and application of polynitro-substituted N-heterocyclic compounds as energetic materials.