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Synthesis and Properties of Bis-corannulenes

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posted on 2021-02-03, 19:34 authored by Dzeneta Halilovic, Venkatachalam Rajeshkumar, Mihaiela C. Stuparu
Corannulenecarbaldehyde and corannulenylmethyl triphenylphosphonium bromide are combined through the Wittig olefination reaction to furnish dicorannulenylethene with 70% yield. A subsequent oxidative photocyclization leads to annulation of the corannulene nuclei to produce a C42H18 nanographene structure in 59% yield. Interestingly, only the trans isomer of the dicorannulenylethene forms cocrystals with fullerene C60 through concave–convex and convex–convex π–π stacking interactions. The Mallory photocyclization could be extended to a phenanthrene-based diarylethene precursor to yield a large bicorannulene system.