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Synthesis and Photochemical Behavior of Peptide Nucleic Acid Dimers and Analogues Containing 4-Thiothymine:  Unprecedented (5−4) Photoadduct Reversion

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posted on 03.02.1998, 00:00 by Pascale Clivio, Dominique Guillaume, Marie-Thérèse Adeline, Jeanine Hamon, Claude Riche, Jean-Louis Fourrey
PNA dimers 15, containing either 4-thiothymine or N3-methyl-4-thiothymine, were prepared, and the crystal structure of compound 3 was established. With regard to their photochemistry, none of these PNA analogues were able to fully mimic the photochemical behavior observed in the dinucleotide series. Whereas 1 and 2 displayed a sequence dependent photochemistry to give mainly 4-(α-thyminyl) adducts, their rearranged isomers 3 and 4 yielded mostly (5−4) photoadducts. Photoproducts originating from 3 and 4 were shown to undergo spontaneous reversal to their dithyminyl parent derivatives under acid conditions. Moreover, as a result of this photochemical study, it can be suggested that in solution, even at the dimer stage, PNAs adopt a conformation reminiscent of A-type DNA.