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Synthesis and Photocatalytic Properties of Mixed Polyoxometalate−Porphyrin Copolymers Obtained from Anderson-Type Polyoxomolybdates

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posted on 06.04.2010, 00:00 authored by Delphine Schaming, Clémence Allain, Rana Farha, Michel Goldmann, Sylvie Lobstein, Alain Giraudeau, Bernold Hasenknopf, Laurent Ruhlmann
Hybrid polyoxometalate-porphyrin copolymeric films are obtained by the electro-oxidation of zinc octaethylporphyrin (ZnOEP) and zinc 5,15-dipyridinium octaethylporphyrin (5,15-ZnOEP(py)22+) in the presence of the polyoxometalate [MnMo6O18{(OCH2)3CNHCO(4-C5H4N)}2]3− (Py-POM-Py). These films allow the photocatalytic reduction of AgI2SO4 under visible irradiation in air in the presence of propan-2-ol at the 2D interface between water and the copolymeric films. The formation of metallic Ag0 nanowires and triangular nanosheets is observed.