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Synthesis and Growth Mechanism of One-Dimensional Zn/ZnO Core−Shell Nanostructures in Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Process

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posted on 01.07.2009, 00:00 by Martín Trejo, Patricia Santiago, Hugo Sobral, Luis Rendón, Umapada Pal
Binary metal-semiconductor Zn/ZnO core−shell nanorods have been synthesized through an ethylenediamine-assisted low-temperature hydrothermal process. Well-crystalline wurtzite phase ZnO was epitaxially grown along the [0100] direction, perpendicular to the single-crystalline Zn nanorod cores grown along the [0002] direction. The structure and optical properties of the binary metal-semiconductor nanostructures were studied by SEM, HRTEM, absorption, and emission spectroscopy techniques. The mechanisms for the growth of such binary structures in solution based synthesis are discussed. The growth technique can be extended for the preparation of other hybrid nanostructures.