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Synthesis and Enhanced Cr(VI) Photoreduction Property of Formate Anion Containing Graphitic Carbon Nitride

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posted on 28.02.2013, 00:00 by Guohui Dong, Lizhi Zhang
In this study, we report on the synthesis of formate anion containing graphitic carbon nitride and its dramatically enhanced activity and stability on Cr­(VI) photoreduction under visible light. We found that the incorporated formate anions could not only trap photogenerated holes to produce more photogenerated electrons, but also change two-step superoxide ions mediated indirect reduction to one-step direct photogenerated electron reduction of Cr­(VI) over graphitic carbon nitride under visible light through inhibiting surface dioxygen adsorption and thus enhance Cr­(VI) photoreduction. This study could not only develop a novel strategy to improve the Cr­(VI) photoreduction activity and stability of semiconductors but also shed light on the deep understanding of the relationship between intrinsic structure and Cr­(VI) photoreduction activity of semiconductor photocatalysts.