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Synthesis and Characterization of Aluminum and Gallium Complexes of Heterocyclic Carboxaldehyde Thiosemicarbazones. Single-Crystal Structure of [(MeAl){NC4H3CHNNC(S)NiC3H7}(AlMe2)]2 and (GaMe2)2[SC4H3CHNNC(S)NPh]

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posted on 09.12.1997, 00:00 by Youngjin Kang, Namkeun Yang, Sang Ook Kang, Jaejung Ko, Chai-Ho Lee, Young-Haeng Lee
Novel tetranuclear metal complexes with the formula [(MeM){NC4H3CHNNC(S)NR}(MMe2 )]2 (M = Al, R = iC3H7 (1); M = Ga, R = iC3H7 (2); M = Al, R = Me (3); M = Ga, R = Me (4)) result when pyrrolecarboxaldehyde thiosemicarbazone ligands are mixed with trimethylaluminum and -gallium. Four dinuclear metal compounds with the formula (MMe2)2[SC4H3CHNNC(S)NR] (M = Al, R = iC3H7 (5); M = Ga, R = iC3H7 (6); M = Al, R = C6H5 (7); M = Ga, R = C6H5 (8)) were synthesized by the methane elimination reaction of thiophenecarboxaldehyde thiosemicarbazones with trimethylaluminum and -gallium. The X-ray crystal structures of 1 and 8 are described. The structural data revealed that 1 is a tetranuclear aluminum compound with an eight-membered ring system and 8 is a dinuclear gallium compound with a weak interaction between the pendant thiophene and the gallium center.