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Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity of η2-Phosphabenzyne−Zirconocene Dimers

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posted on 1997-10-08, 00:00 authored by Patrick Rosa, Pascal Le Floch, Louis Ricard, François Mathey
The extrusion of methane from (2-phosphininyl)(methyl) zirconocenes 3ac at 80 °C in benzene affords the corresponding η2-phosphabenzyne−zirconocene dimers 4ac, one of which has been characterized by X-ray crystal structure analysis. The parameters of the C−C−Zr three-membered ring are exactly similar to those found in the η2-benzyne−zirconocene complex:  C−C, 1.361(2); C−Zr, 2.238 and 2.250(2) Å. The P−Zr distances are normal at 2.6857(5) and 2.6922(5) Å. The reaction of these η2-phosphabenzyne complexes with acetonitrile, Ph3PS, (diphenylphosphino)- and (trimethylsilyl)alkynes, aldehydes, and (+)-camphor have been investigated. In all cases, an insertion into the C2−Zr bond is observed. Hydrolysis of the intermediate zirconacycles thus obtained yielded several new 2-functional phosphinines, including a thiol (6), a vinylphosphine (8), two secondary alcohols (14 and 15), and an homochiral phosphinine-substituted alcohol (17). The regiospecificity of the insertion is ascribed to the huge concentration of negative charge at the α-position of the phosphinine ring.