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Synthesis, Structural, and Electrocatalytic Reduction Studies of [Pd(P2N2)2]2+ Complexes

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posted on 26.08.2013, 00:00 by Candace S. Seu, David Ung, Michael D. Doud, Curtis E. Moore, Arnold L. Rheingold, Clifford P. Kubiak
A series of four new bis-P2N2 (P2N2 = 1,5-diaza-3,7-diphosphacyclooctane) Pd­(II) complexes were synthesized and characterized by spectroscopy, electrochemistry, and X-ray crystallography. The compounds crystallize in square planar or tetrahedrally distorted geometries and exhibit a single quasi-reversible 2e Pd­(II/0) redox couple in voltammetric studies. [Pd­(PPh2NBn2)2]2+ and [Pd­(PMe2NPh2)2]2+ were tested for electrochemical CO2 reduction in the presence of excess protons and found to preferentially produce H2.