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Synthesis, Physical Properties, and Light-Emitting Diode Performance of Phenazine-Based Derivatives with Three, Five, and Nine Fused Six-Membered Rings

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posted on 2015-03-20, 00:00 authored by Pei-Yang Gu, Yongbiao Zhao, Jing-Hui He, Jing Zhang, Chengyuan Wang, Qing-Feng Xu, Jian-Mei Lu, Xiao Wei Sun, Qichun Zhang
Realizing the control of emission colors of single molecules is very important in the development of full-color emitting materials. Herein, three novel phenazine derivatives (2,3,7,8-tetrakis­(decyloxy)­phenazine (2a), 2,3-didecyloxy-5,14-diaza-7,12-dioxo-9,10- dicyanopentacene (2b), and 2,3,13,14-tetradecyloxy-5,11,16,22-tetraaza-7,9,18,20-tetraoxo-8,19-dicyanoenneacene (2c)) have been successfully synthesized and fully characterized. Compound 2c can emit blue light in toluene solution (450 nm), green light in the powder/film state (502/562 nm), and red light in the 2c/TFA state (610 nm). The OLED with 2c emits a strong green light at a peak of 536 nm with a maximum luminance of the OLED of about 8600 cd m–2, which indicates that 2c could be a promising fluorescent dye for OLED applications.