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Syntheses and Crystal Structures of Cuprate Complexes of Europium and Ytterbium, {[(PhC⋮C)3Cu][Eu(Py)(THF)2]}2 and {[(PhC⋮C)3Cu][Yb(THF)2]}2

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posted on 18.02.1997, 00:00 by Leonid N. Bochkarev, Olga N. Druzhkova, Sergey F. Zhiltsov, Lev N. Zakharov, Georgy K. Fukin, Stanislav Ya. Khorshev, Alexander I. Yanovsky, Yuri T. Struchkov
The (Phenylethynyl)cuprate europium complex {[(PhC⋮C)3Cu][Eu(Py)(THF)2]}2 (1) was synthesized by reaction of Eu with PhC⋮CCu in pyridine. The cuprate ytterbium complex {[(PhC⋮C)3Cu][Yb(THF)2]}2 (2) was synthesized by reaction of Yb with PhC⋮CCu in THF in the presence of a catalytic amount of ytterbium diiodide and also by the reaction of (PhC⋮C)2Yb with PhC⋮CCu.