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Syntheses and Anion Binding Capabilities of Bis(diarylboryl) Ferrocenes and Related Systems

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posted on 13.05.2013, 00:00 by Michael J. Kelly, Alexander E.J. Broomsgrove, Ian R. Morgan, Inke Siewert, Philip Fitzpatrick, Jessica Smart, Dragoslav Vidovic, Simon Aldridge
Isomeric diborylated ferrocenes featuring 1,1′-, 1,2-, and 1,3-substitution patterns have been targeted via a combination of electrophilic aromatic substitution and directed ortho-lithiation protocols. While none of these systems are competent for the Lewis acid chelation of fluoride, related systems featuring a mixed B/Si acceptor set capture 1 equiv of fluoride via a Si–F–B bridging motif.