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Synergistic Sc(III)/Au(I)-Catalyzed Dearomative Spiroannulation of 2‑(Ethynyl)aryl Cyclopropanes with 2‑Aryl Indoles

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posted on 2022-11-18, 15:40 authored by Jun-An Xiao, Hai Peng, Huan Zhang, Ru-Fang Meng, Chenxiang Lin, Wei Su, Yanmin Huang
The diastereoselective assembly of spiroindolenines via a synergistic scandium/gold-catalyzed dearomative spiroannulation is herein described. This protocol offers access to a wide variety of spiroindolenine derivatives in 86% average yield with moderate to excellent diastereoselectivities (up to 97:3 dr). The control experimental studies lend support to the bimetallic relay catalysis. Moreover, the scale-up reaction and synthetic transformations of spiroindolenine product further demonstrate its synthetic utility.