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Symplostatin 3, a New Dolastatin 10 Analogue from the Marine Cyanobacterium Symploca sp. VP452

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posted on 20.12.2001, 00:00 by Hendrik Luesch, Wesley Y. Yoshida, Richard E. Moore, Valerie J. Paul, Susan L. Mooberry, Thomas H. Corbett
Symplostatin 3 (1), a new analogue of dolastatin 10 (2), has been isolated from a tumor selective extract of a Hawaiian variety of the marine cyanobacterium Symploca sp. VP452. Compound 1 differs from 2 only in the C-terminal unit; the dolaphenine unit is substituted by a 3-phenyllactic acid residue. Symplostatin 3 (1) possesses IC50 values for in vitro cytotoxicity toward human tumor cell lines ranging from 3.9 to 10.3 nM. It disrupts microtubules, but at a higher concentration than 2, correlating with the weaker in vitro cytotoxicity.