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Symmetry-Adapted Perturbation with Half-Projection for Spin Unrestricted Geminals

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posted on 04.06.2021, 22:13 by Zs. É. Mihálka, P. R. Surján, Á. Szabados
Perturbative correction to a wave function built from singlet–triplet mixed two-electron functions (geminals) is derived in the context of symmetry-adapted schemes, applying partial spin-projection. Imposing the constraint of strong orthogonality of geminals results in a reference function that captures static correlation in a computationally feasible way. In case of a lack of spin purification, the product of spin-unrestricted geminals is generally spin-contaminated, potentially undermining performance of a subsequent dynamic correlation treatment. In this work, spin symmetry of the reference is partially restored by half-projection in a variation-after-projection scheme. Applying perturbation theory (PT) to recover the missing part of electron correlation is hampered by the fact that an obvious choice for a zero-order Hamiltonian is not provided. The situation is amended by adopting the formalism of symmetry-adapted PT. The resulting framework is tested on singlet–triplet gaps of biradicaloids, and it is found to perform well in situations where its unprojected counterpart fails because of spin contamination.